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C.D. Clarke uses the highest quality art materials.  His oil paintings are made on the finest gessoed linen, mounted with acid-free glue on coated 0.25” panels (panels are much safer than stretched canvas for field work).  Watercolors are painted with Winsor & Newton professional-grade pigments, on Arches 300-lb. acid-free rag paper.


When working in the studio, C.D. uses traditionally-stretched canvas.  Studio works are larger, ranging in size from 9"x12” to 36”x40” (sometimes larger).  Studio watercolors can be larger, as well, up to 20”x30”.


C.D.’s paintings are custom-framed using archival materials and procedures.  Subtle variations in the mat colors and frame styles are carefully selected for each painting.  The mats are acid-free, and are typically linen-covered.  The frames are hand-gessoed and -leafed, and only ultraviolet-filtering conservation glass is ever used on watercolors.

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